It’s 5:30am, I’m groggy moving through my morning routine…. Alarm, out of bed, dog outside, washroom….. ugh, it’s back, as it is every 28 days.

My insides churn, the pain is kicking in.

My old habits would’ve dictated I take an Ibuprofen and go back to sleep for another hour waking up punch-drunk on a synthetic hangover of drowsiness and begrudgingly going through my day. Instead, now, I put on my yoga clothes and smoke a joint on the way to my 6:15am Moksha Hot Yoga class. I'm fully committed to every asana and completely present to my breath. My cramps become a distant memory and I forget my period has arrived.

The result is, the cramps disappear almost immediately and I feel energized and ready for this day and the new year. Instead of grogginess, I’m alert and slaying everything that crosses my desk.

This is cannabis.

We’ve been fed the story for so long about the lazy stoner, that we don’t understand that it isn’t true. It’s part of the narrative we’re told by the government and it persists in this legal landscape.

The government’s job is harm reduction and keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth. Frankly, the government doesn’t care about your menstruation pain and offering you this easy solution.

In fact, it wasn’t until July 1st, 2018 that the Canadian government finally recognized that feminine hygiene products should not be taxed.

- Jill Piebiak petition to Member of Parliament Stephen Harper

Let's rephrase this, having products to protect our dignity, clothes, beds, and anywhere we sit during our days of bleeding was not considered a medical necessity by the government.

According to CTV News, the government collected an estimated $36 million a year from GST on feminine hygiene products.

In 2004, Member of Parliament Judy Wasylycia-Leis said, “The GST on tampons amounts to gender-based taxation. The taxing of essential and necessary products used exclusively by women is discriminatory. It unfairly disadvantages women financially, solely because of our reproductive role impacting Canadian women at some point in their lives and mostly lower income women."

Knowing this, do you believe our government has your best interest in mind when it comes to your menstruation?

It’s time to make your period an easier and more joyful experience.

Here are 5 tips from BlyssCloud on enjoying your period. 5. TRACK YOUR CYCLE USING CLUE

I know my cycle needs 2 days where I’m nurturing myself - I can be easily angered for 24 hours and in immense pain for an additional 24 hours every 28 days. By tracking my cycle with the Clue App, I estimate what these two days will be for three months into the future.

I can book a work from home day with phone meetings and be more productive because I’m not doping myself up to survive the day. Instead, I’m consciously consuming cannabis for the highest benefit for my body and soul.

Dr. Michelle Ross is focused on women’s health and cannabis. Her book Vitamin Weed is a must read to learn more about cannabis, your body and your cycle.


Vaginal Suppositories are one of my favourite cannabis products. In fact, I drove 4 hours two days before federal legalization to purchase the remaining stock from Flower of Life Compassion Club Society. These cramp busters are not legal under The Cannabis Act.

The great news is, you can make your own.

You can purchase a Levo Oil Machine and pods for shaping the suppositories. You will need to do some research on what the best ingredients are. Do keep in mind, although vaginal suppositories are marketed for menstrual cramps, I find that using a suppository during my cramps means I’m using it during my blood flow, so it doesn’t work. Which is why starting to use these 36 hours in advance of my period deliver best results. And, truth be told, my favourite way to use vaginal suppositories is on date night…. These magical cannabis bullets keep me tight and bright. 3. MICRO-DOSE ON OIL

Not everyone has the luxury to book two days to work from home. This is why micro-dosing on cannabis oil is a great way to ease the pain.

I'm a big fan of the Irisia Cannabis Oil series by High Park: Sun, Earth, Moon and Stars.

Recharge and focus with Sun. Stabilize and harmonize with Earth. Unwind and rest with Moon. Excite the night with the celestial energy of Stars.

Choose your dosage and enjoy.

The side effect you’ll experience from this is joy! 2. TAKE A BATH WITH A CANNABIS INFUSED BATH BOMB

Cannabis infused bath bombs pave the way to tranquility and happiness These bath bombs are total relaxation.

Bath bombs are not legal under The Cannabis Act, so be sure to hurry into your local dispensary before Cannabis Retail Stores dominate.

I really enjoy the Blissed Love bath bombs.


Pain is pain is pain.

Be ready to medicate when you feel it by whatever means necessary. Experiment so you can dial into the fine line of being able to consume without losing your momentum. This can take practice and lots of experimenting. Just like yoga. You didn’t show up to your first class knowing how to sync your breath to your asanas during sun salutations. You practiced. Cannabis is the same. You must practice for best results.

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