In eight days cannabis will be federally legal in Canada – after 95 years of cannabis being criminalized it has now been identified as a legal substance for non-medical use under the law and all legal prohibitions against it have been removed.

There are several delivery modes for cannabis; including: dried cannabis, cannabis concentrate, hashish, hash oil, butane hash oil, live resin, rosin, CO2 oil, kief, water hash, cannabis butter/oil, fresh cannabis, tincture, spray, salves/ointment/balm and cannabis patches.

On October 17th, the first roll out of the Cannabis Act will allow adult Canadians to buy dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oil from a provincially-licensed retailer.

For many people it’s confusing as to why the Canadian government would legalize dried bud before safer methods of consumption like edibles, salves and concentrates.  We know smoking isn’t the safest form of consumption.

Smoking a joint will release carcinogens and other unwanted particulates.  We know smoke can cause reversible damage to airways in the lungs and smoking can be irritating on the delicate tissues of the lungs, throat, and mouth.  This irritation is caused mostly by high temperatures along with burning tar and embers which are inhaled directly into the body.

So why do people smoke?  The same reason people eat processed sugar, have sex with a new lover without a condom and drive over the speed limit.  We decide the pleasure of the experience outweighs the danger of it.

There’s a ritual with rolling a joint which some people love and sharing a joint in a group is a connective joyful experience.  Frankly, it’s fun.

So these are steps you can take to make it a slightly safer experience:


At BlyssCloud we often choose our cannabis accessories based on style.  Eves of Eden remains our top choice for filters.  Except we understand choosing a filter without ink is safer; so we recommend these standard size vegan filter tips by RAW Rolling Papers.


Branded rolling paper is the new business card.  So our cannabis closet is full of gorgeously packaged rolling papers which we love to throw into our photo shoots.  But Craig from Expert Joints talked us through how to choose rolling papers and his favourite are the Smoking Paper Master Double.  Ultrafine, slow-burning paper, FSC® Certified, 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives. This ensures you get the optimum stick with just one lick.

These are not as wide as regular paper to you’ll have to hone your rolling skills… so head over to Expert Joints to learn how to do it from one of the best.


Lighting your joint with a butane lighter and inhaling is dangerous.  This is a quick and harsh way to get toxins into your lungs fast.  So always light joints away from you.  This method will require a little patience and your lungs will thank you.

We also suggest investing in an electric lighter.   These are the newest gadget hitting every session and they’re always fascinating to play with. 

It’s 2018, it’s time to make smarter choices when lighting our bud.


Rolling isn’t the easiest task so intuitively you'll want to use your fingers to push the bud around, but the better choice is not to touch it at all.  Get it into your grinder, then on the tray, then in your paper, rolled up and smoked without touching the bud.

On a tour of Outco in San Diego we learned how licensed cannabis cultivators roll their bud… it’s with a shaking machine with 100 slots where the grounded cannabis is sifted into waiting cones in two sizes either 1 gram or ½ gram affectionately known as a ‘Dog Walker J’.  We learned that Outco only has gloved human hands touch the plant twice during their entire drying process. 

There are hand rolled companies like The Preroll Factory where they professionally hand roll all their Cannaczars

The Friend Maker, The Show-off, The Faberge Egg of blunts

You can call it what you want but you will need to know the details: 1.5 g of BC Craft Cannabis  .15 g of  Shatter Caviar or Temple Balls Coated with Distillate 98% THC or Gronlabb flower rosin  Covered with Premium Grade Keif or Gronlabb Bubble Hash Hand Wrapped in Skunk Brand Hemp Papers

This will be a lost art under legalization as the big companies will automate this process to meet the nationwide demand.

It seems someone at Canopy misunderstood the meaning of BC Craft Cannabis ‘hand rolled’ as they placed an order for 8,000 {insert side eye}.


One of the most thrilling things to occur with legalization is that all cannabis purchased in Cannabis Retail Stores will be lab tested and labelled with the results.

Recreational legal cannabis will be tested for homogeneity, cannabinoids, residual solvents and processing chemicals, pesticides, microbial impurities, micro toxins, water activity and moisture content, heavy metals and terpenes.  The labs will test flower and processed products.  

Your legal label will list the cultivator, the date of  harvest, the lab who tested, the cannabinoids percentage and terpenes.

Also choose cannabis rich with trichomes with moisture.  It's important to be able to identify AAA bud because this is what you'll want to smoke.  Imagine choosing a processed cheese slice over french brie.


Yes, there's a price difference and for good reason.  Expect the same with your cannabis.

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