We all know someone who accidentally ate too much marijuana infused sweets – this promises a quick exit from any party leaving the unfortunate soul locked in a bathroom unable to move or speak and praying to their god that they’ll never, ever have cannabis again.   It’s the type of experience which creates fear and avoidance of weed. 


Not everyone enjoys smoking, although smoking cannabis is not toxic like smoking cigarettes, there can be health concerns.  There are many methods of smoking these days which allows us to choose how we experience our cannabis but for some people smoking is still not an option. 

Edibles are discreet – there’s no smoke or scent that will stick to you so they’re a great way to experience a THC high without drawing attention to yourself.  { Think Cannabis Etiquette }

People who are experiencing nausea, physical pain or lack of appetite may choose to consume edibles because it’s easier than smoking and once a brand of edibles is preferred, then it’s much easier to understand the doses and sustain a consistent schedule.

The high experience from edibles is very different than the high experienced from smoking.  It’s believed that oral ingestion absorbs THC differently than combustion which can waste active cannabinoids.  We find it can be slow to hit so the high feels natural and euphoric without the fog that can come from a joint.

Blysscloud's biggest recommendation with edibles is to know what your consuming!  Seems simple enough, but chances are your friend who found themselves hiding in the bathroom didn’t actually know the amounts of THC they were consuming.

Too often, edibles come in the form of baked goods – cookies, rice crispy squares and brownies.  The dilemma we’ve witnessed first-hand, is we may forget we’re eating a THC infused edible not a cookie.  We may gobble the cookie down with ravenous glee forgetting we’re digesting an unknown amount of marijuana.

When we eat edibles, it can take 10 minutes or up to 2 hours to feel the full effects.  How our bodies digest the edible is dependent on our body mass, age, metabolism, gender and body chemistry.  If during this time someone continues consuming more marijuana then the results can be disastrous – keeping in mind, that no one has died from a cannabis overdose – it will prove to be a very uncomfortable experience at best.


1. Always start small and take baby steps after eating a meal – we prefer a healthy meal like a salad or a smoothie to ensure our bodies have the nutrition needed.

2. Gummies are a great way to do this.  They don’t expire like baked goods and they’re super easy to cut into smaller equally measured amounts.

3. When you’re buying gummies, be sure the ingredients, quantity of THC and strain is listed on the bag.  If none of these are listed, then do NOT eat. 

4. The Cannabis Industry isn’t legal yet, so cannabis products are not subjected to FDA regulations.  There are great brands with informative packaging and they’ve undergone extensive testing to ensure they’re delivering the best possible products vs. basement-dwelling brands with packaging designed by a group of man-children who play video games all day with porn posters on the wall. 

Choose your products wisely.

5. Read the label on the edibles, you’ll see the quantity of THC listed, it can range dramatically from 10mg to 400mg.  Be sure to ask if this is per piece or for the whole bag.  Always start small, so choose edibles with the least amount of THC listed.

6. Check the strain used in the edible.  Is it Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid?  Choose the strain which best suits you.

7. Once you’re home and ready to consume, the next step is to cut the gummy – we recommend into dosages of 2.5mg - 5mg.

Start your consumption with one piece.  Wait one to two hours to feel the full effects of the edible you’ve consumed, if you feel you’re ready for more, then eat a second piece.  Once again, wait another full hour or two hours before even considering eating more. 

The intention is to create only the best and most positive experiences for ourselves, so there’s no hurry to eat a full edible.  In fact, we rarely consume more than 10-20mg in a day.

For your first few edible experiences, we recommend staying close to home and creating an easy day for yourself.  Think dog walks, relaxing at the beach, connecting with a lover. We love edibles for events like festivals and a day on a boat… but we’ve only consumed gummies for these types of experiences once we’re super confident and comfortable with our knowledge of edible consumption.

10. Most importantly, remember to always store edibles in safe places where the prying eyes of children or guests won’t mistake them for yummy sweet treats.

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